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1 Million MEX #Giveaway!

4 random participants – 250.000,00 MEX each!

To enter:  

1. Follow, Like, RT, tag 3 friends  

2. Stake $EGLD with Inception Network (min 1 $EGLD) stake.inception-network.com  

3. DM/Send staking confirmation to our telegram or twitter channels

Winners will be announced on Feb 3rd at 06:00 PM GMT.

Who we are

We are a team of successful entrepreneurs with a  long background in IT and we believe that Elrond Network is the future of Decentralized Finance.
This is what makes us special. As well as working with the people behind the platform, we are also directly involved by it because we stake our own funds.That’s why if you stake with us, we’re partners in the process.

What we do

Inception Network provides staking services for the most advanced blockchain platform in the world. Earn passive income by supporting the Elrond Blockchain Network backed up by Inception Network.
Our network helps you, the investor, increase your cryptocurrency assets by participating in non-custodial staking garantue by smart contracts. “Non-Custodial” means you are always in control of your funds, so you can rest assured, your delegation is safe!

Stake your eGLD at ~14% yearly APR

Why staking with us




Validator nodes



Inception Network Nodes

Node Name Key Uptime Status Rating
InceptionNetwork101-Validator 893c64eb…6382128 99.98% Active 100
InceptionNetwork102-Validator 4eeab766…d51b08c 99.98% Active 100
InceptionNetwork103-Validator 5ae0f9b1…3354f17 99.98% Active 100
InceptionNetwork104-Validator e50bf788…d330e0c 99.98% Active 100


This timeline details our funding and development goals.

  • December 2020

    Inception Network idea sparked into the darkness

  • January 2021

    Created the prototype of Inception Network

  • Q1.2021

    Gathering the team

  • Q2.2021

    Launch of Inception Network website

  • Q2.2021

    Launch of the social media accounts and partnerships

  • Q4.2021

    Launch of Inception Network services

  • Q2.2022

    Launch of Inception Network improved services


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