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Latest news from our Twitter

1/ Major step forward for the Maiar DEX.

The first referendum vote goes live today 🔥

Giving a voice to all LKMEX contributors and holders.

Opening the governance process for one of our core applications marks an important milestone for the #MultiversX Ecosystem

Transparent & decentralized, it will allow long-term @MaiarExchange contributors to signal their intent on the new economics model

Weekly #multiversxtech🛠️

.@stefanszakal, Head of Core Applications at #MultiversX, will discuss the vision driving xFabric forward in a Twitter Spaces session alongside @StatescuRazvan (Elrond Giants) and @kevinmlydon (Helios Staking).

🔥Set your reminders to participate here:

Calling all @ElrondNetwork Validators!

elrond-go v. is here and brings protocol cache system optimizations.

It’s time to upgrade!

Full notes are available here:—v1350/

1/ Today, we present the Maiar DEX upgrade & transformation to xExchange.

Months of endless efforts.
From many people and teams. All leading to this point.

So now, here’s the economics, utility, & mechanics of MEX 2.0 🔥

Important step for #MultiversX.

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